Megan Charity Rising Star On The Professional Pickleball Tour

Megan Charity Rising Star On The Professional Pickleball Tour

Professional pickleball player Megan Charity is the pro ambassador/host for Pickleball Savings. She produces video product reviews and writes product reviews. She also creates interesting lifestyle segments, instructional tips, and keeps the Pickleball Savings team and its customers up-to-date on the professional tour and her pro-player colleagues as she travels.

Jimmy Ervin, CEO of Pickleball Savings, speaks of Megan’s naturally engaging personality and positive energy and the very special way that she shares her insight and love for the game with customers. Megan is among the world’s best, most respected, and most talented spokespersons and ambassadors in the sport of pickleball.

A South African native, Megan grew up playing high-level junior tennis which eventually earned her a spot on the European pro tennis tour. Then, in 2012 she accepted a college tennis scholarship at Kentucky’s Campbellsville University – a 9,000-mile life-changing journey that landed her in America. And after a great college career she stayed here – and went on to coach Division-1 college tennis and teach professionally at top-tier tennis programs and private clubs on the east coast.

In 2018, Megan officially transitioned to pickleball, quickly advancing through recreational levels of play, and within months starting to play the Pro/Open division at the biggest tournaments earning her a spot on Team Onix as a sponsored professional player. Within a year she became one of the most exciting rising stars on the professional pickleball tour, achieving a world ranking in the top 20 including her winning women’s singles bronze at the 2019 USAPA National Championships. Megan Charity is racking up podiums and medals at top-tier events as a professional. As the Covid-19 tour reopens, she travels as a top touring pro while also being a PPR certified instructor and coach.

Today, Megan Charity is based in Virginia where she trains as a professional pickleball player. She also teaches pickleball professionally and serves as co-founder of several pickleball-related enterprises including Weigo, Picklefest, and Rally.

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