How to Set up a Pickleball Court at Home

How to Set up a Pickleball Court at Home

How to Set up a Pickleball Court at Home

Now is a great time to get out a set up your own pickleball court and play with a small group of friends. An official pickleball court is 20’ wide x 44’ long. You’ll want to leave room on the sides and ends for running off the court after playing a ball, so the recommended playing area is 34’ wide x 64’ long. The first thing you will need is a temporary net. Temporary nets are affordable and easy to set-up. Net options can be found here:

Before you have decided on your location and set up your net, you will need to determine your method of marking the court. The most common methods for a temporary court are sidewalk chalk, court tape, or court markers. Each method has its pros and cons. Your choice will depend on your surface and how long you want the court to last.

Chalk (jumbo sidewalk chalk) is easiest but less permanent.
Court tape is longer-lasting but takes more time to put down. Note: you will need about 200’ of tape to line one court.
Vinyl or rubber court markers are quick and easy. They are popular in multi-use courts. They are quick to set-up and remove, but don’t provide continuous lines and may move when kicked or stepped on. Court markers can be found here:


    Step 1: Choose your location. If you have options on location and the direction of court play, consider environmental factors such as sun direction, available shade, and wind.
      Step 2: Set up your net in your desired location. The net should measure 34” in the middle and 36” at each post
        Step 3: Measure and mark your outer court lines on one side (sidelines and baseline) with a tape measure. This is easiest and fastest if you use three tape measures at once, but you can easily do this with one. Each sideline is 22’ in length extending from the net. Measure from about a foot inside the net post. The baseline is 20’ across. Mark the baseline at the halfway point (at 10’) for the service line.
          Step 4: Measure and mark the no-volley zone from sideline to sideline 7’ from the net. Mark the no-volley zone a the halfway point (at 10’) for the other end of the service line.
            Step 5: Mark the service line from the halfway point from the no-volley zone to the halfway point in the baseline, splitting the court into two 10’ halves to create the service areas.
              Step 6: Repeat steps 1-5 on the other side of the court.THAT’S IT, YOU ARE READY TO PLAY ON YOUR OWN COURT! You can go to the USAPA website for more detailed instructions on setting up your own temporary courts.

              Pickleball Court set up

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