PROLITE "Be a leader, not a follower"-Pickleball Savings

PROLITE "Be a leader, not a follower"

PROLITE "Be a leader, not a follower"

It would be fair to say that Pickleball would not be enjoying the success it is today without three decades of valuable contributions from PROLITE. Founded in 1984, PROLITE Sports created the very first composite pickleball paddle. This paddle was the first of its kind - an innovation that revolutionized the sport of Pickleball and the industry in general. While their original company name changed from ULTRA-LITE Paddle Co., the steadfast commitment to building innovative products made from the finest materials has remained the same over the years.

PROLITE is a family-owned business led by owner, Neil Friedenberg – himself a 5.0 player. The company manufactures pickleball paddles along the scenic shores of Lake Michigan in Port Washington, Wisconsin. A strong dedication to the sport, commitment to its players, and a stout Midwestern work ethic were founding principles that continue to drive PROLITE'S growth. It doesn't hurt that they are some of the nicest people you will ever meet.


At PROLITE, the goals are crystal clear; produce paddles geared for a variety of player types, made of the best materials available, supported by stellar customer service, and back it all with a solid warranty and distinct identity. PROLITE never backs down from being different and thinking much differently than the competition. The "Be a leader, not a follower" is embedded in every ounce of their identity, and it shows in the distinct feel and look of the PROLITE products.


As true ambassadors of the game, PROLITE gives back to its community in several ways. They teach the sport at all levels, including numerous free clinics, are proud sponsors of many grassroots clubs across the United States, back dozens of smaller regional and state tournaments, help grow the sport internationally and donate gear to schools, veterans programs, and other worthy causes.

While much of the game's demographic and influence have changed, becoming more mainstream across the world, the philosophy at PROLITE has remained constant. Be a leader, not a follower, Research. Develop and Innovate. Enhance the player's experience with pickleball paddles leading to confident, controlled, powerful shot selection. PROLITE does just that and has been leading the pickleball market with newly developed paddles that have unique and superior technology.


Here is a quick summary of some of PROLITE'S game-changing technology:


Carbon fiber does not absorb energy. Carbon fiber disperses energy. This means when it strikes the surface, it disperses the energy throughout EVERY FIBER on the paddle. This is important in our sport where it is so important to play controlled, take a hard hit, and actually get the ball back softly across the net. Poly carbons appear to have the same effect, but they react almost opposite of that. Poly carbons will bend, and the energy from the hit will trampoline off the surface. PROLITE'S exclusive carbon fiber is superior to control a hard hit coming at you and slowing the ball down, with control. Carbon fiber at high speed creates less friction and can feel harder/stiffer when you hit the ball. So, when you wind up and hit a high ball from the net, or a strong baseline stroke if hit hard, it is hit with superior power.  



PowerGrit Technology is the first of its kind in the pickleball paddle industry. Many companies strive to add roughness to the surface of their paddle models. PROLITE decided to go a step further and develop the Surface paddle. Their goal was to develop a surface that not only pushed the limits of roughness allowance; it actually had a gritty surface technology not seen in the industry. They worked relentlessly until they had it right. The result was PROLITE's exclusive PowerGrit Technology.



In 2016, PROLITE began the development of a brand new, highly durable edge guard for their paddles. They recognized that their edge guard at the time needed improvement, but they also knew that the edge guards being produced by most brands were inferior. Edge guards were breaking or cracking unnecessarily. The edge guard is critical to preventing premature cracks and scrapes, as well as to provide a solid heavyweight to your paddle necessary for power and control. The result was the polished, super-narrow, and tapered Microedge you see on PROLITE paddles today.


No-Sweat Diamond Grip

PROLITE has their own grip patent. The No-Sweat Diamond grip. This grip feels very firm but soft, and it does not loosen up when your hands are sweaty. The patented No-Sweat Diamond grip comes standard on many PROLITE paddles and can be purchased separately as an overgrip.


PROLITE offers a wide range of products. Options include various composite and graphite paddles of varying widths, lengths, and grips. Many of the top athletes in the professional pickleball tournaments play with PROLITE paddles. Whether you are new to Pickleball or an avid player looking for your next "best" paddle, you can select a paddle perfect for your game. PROLITE paddles also come at price points for everyone - from the $39.99 Bolt for entry-level to the $169.00 Rebel Pro Black Diamond. So when you are ready to buy, check out PROLITE for a great selection of quality paddles made and sold by some of the nicest folks in the business.


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