Pickleball Savings serves individual pickleball players and enthusiasts all over the world. But we also have two popular VIP PROGRAMS where we can partner with you and your group – with special elevated status at Pickleball Savings – through the “Pickleball Club Sponsorship” program or with the “Wholesale Business Account” program. Pickleball Savings is the only company offering programs like these, and each is a fantastic solution for groups and organizations. Check out the details below.

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 “Pickleball Club Sponsorship” Program

Let Pickleball Savings officially “sponsor” your local pickleball club where we deliver huge member benefits, fantastic deals for the club and its facility, plus sponsorship of your club’s tournaments and events. For facility needs, sponsored pickleball clubs always receive 20% off nets, balls, hoppers, loaner paddles, court markers, and all on-court gear, plus free banners and promotional items. For tournaments and events, we work with you to provide free product donations for raffles and auctions. Pickleball Savings will also help promote your tournament on-site and on social media. (We rarely support non-sponsored pickleball club tournaments.) For club members, they receive regular offers for exclusive deals and discounts on paddles and everything on the Pickleball Savings website, including giveaways and fun contests offered to them by Pickleball Savings through customized, club-exclusive e-blasts and engagement on the club’s Facebook page. We can also offer your club the popular Pickleball Savings “Demo Day In A Box,” where members can playtest a group of paddles at a club event and enjoy testing the best and newest paddles in the game. The benefits that participating clubs and members receive through this sponsorship program are amazing, and there is absolutely no cost, no contract, no obligation, no required exclusivity, no extra work, and no risk since the relationship can be cancelled at any time. To see if your club qualifies, simply have a representative complete this simple application FORM then email it to us at

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“Wholesale Business Account” Program

Pickleball Savings provides an excellent supplier-solution for country clubs, athletic clubs, schools, institutions, municipalities, civic centers, YMCAs, businesses, and organizations of all types. For qualifying businesses, it starts with 20% off all online and offline purchases, plus any of the applicable add-on benefits offered through the “Pickleball Club Sponsorship” program described above. Plus, Pickleball Savings offers a much higher level of individualized offline service, support, and consultation to help you start a customized pickleball program, procure starter/loaner equipment, and hold events/activities to make it successful. No other supplier offers this level of comprehensive, personal hands-on support. Pickleball Savings has all the gear you need for your organization and at unbeatable wholesale business prices with hassle-free ordering and immediate delivery. To see if your organization qualifies, simply complete this simple application FORM then email it to us at

Important Note: Pickleball Savings offers the discounts above adhering to each manufacturer’s MAP policy (minimum advertised price). All items purchased at discounts under these programs are for use by the facility itself or, if for resale, purchaser agrees to adhere to the manufacturer’s required MAP.