GAMMA Supreme Power Overgrip

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GAMMA Pickleball Supreme Power Overgrip is designed to provide players with an extra boost of maneuverability and power. 

This grip features a “Power Ridge” made out of soft foam which works to reinforce the stability of the grip. This in turn helps increase a player’s ability to control the placement of shots and hit the ball with greater force. It’s also sweat absorbent, so no more slippery pickleball paddle handles! 

To apply, simply wrap the grip over the existing grip on your pickleball paddle’s handle to increase the amount of control and power you have. 

The adhesive backing simply peels off the back of the overgrip, revealing a sticky back which clings to your paddle’s handle.  It’s 31” long and is cut specifically to fit pickleball paddles so trimming is no longer required. Simply peel and stick!

This grip is perfect for giving players the extra edge they need to be a step and swing ahead of their competition.

*One overgrip per pack.

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